Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok I know it's been like forever!!!! just have not had the time to post anything!!!!!! well Nikki is home in TX. And I Thinks It's Help her to be home and to see her family!!!! the ride to Minneapolis from Minot on sat. To Take her to the Airport on sunday was fun Nikki and I had some real good Girl time we talk bout alot of stuff it was nice!!!!!! And on sundsy we went to the airport and found out that sine Nikkie is Milatary i could go with her to her gate and stay with her till she had to get on the plan home!!! That was real nice that i could do that i didn't like have to wait all by my salf to get on my airplan back to minot!!!!! Well she is coming back to Minot The 3rd and me and mike are going to go to pick her up in Minneapolis in the eveing the plans for that trip are not all worked out yet!!! but if i have to diver back like last time i am not going to be by my self like sunday after droping Nikki off i will have Mike And Nikki This time!!!!! Will That all for that topic moving on I am loving working a staples there soooooo Nice there and very understanding and willing to with with me me i need to move work day arond and giving me off when i need it atthe last min. for Nikki!!! and Mike And Me Are doing real good!!! I could not love him more than i do know is the best Man I could have not pick a better person to Spend the rist of my life!!!! soooo life is going good!!!!! will i am going to go and eat!!!!!!