Sunday, June 13, 2010


Will Alot has changed sins the last time I Have posted something!!!!! we have a new friend Living with us her name is Fox!!! She works with Mike!!!!! She real cool and a little wild lol I like her she nice and she likes to Clean which is a real good thing for me cuz i kind suck at cleaning lol!!!! An than the Big Change for the time being i My Little Baby Kitty Her Name Is Tiny Ind I Love Her Sooooo Much She is soooooo Cute sand Sweet!!!!

Oh And The Biggest of all the changes IS We Will Be Moving in with Nikki!!!! I Can't Wait!!!!!!! will I am Going to Go!!!!!! That real all for know!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok I know it's been like forever!!!! just have not had the time to post anything!!!!!! well Nikki is home in TX. And I Thinks It's Help her to be home and to see her family!!!! the ride to Minneapolis from Minot on sat. To Take her to the Airport on sunday was fun Nikki and I had some real good Girl time we talk bout alot of stuff it was nice!!!!!! And on sundsy we went to the airport and found out that sine Nikkie is Milatary i could go with her to her gate and stay with her till she had to get on the plan home!!! That was real nice that i could do that i didn't like have to wait all by my salf to get on my airplan back to minot!!!!! Well she is coming back to Minot The 3rd and me and mike are going to go to pick her up in Minneapolis in the eveing the plans for that trip are not all worked out yet!!! but if i have to diver back like last time i am not going to be by my self like sunday after droping Nikki off i will have Mike And Nikki This time!!!!! Will That all for that topic moving on I am loving working a staples there soooooo Nice there and very understanding and willing to with with me me i need to move work day arond and giving me off when i need it atthe last min. for Nikki!!! and Mike And Me Are doing real good!!! I could not love him more than i do know is the best Man I could have not pick a better person to Spend the rist of my life!!!! soooo life is going good!!!!! will i am going to go and eat!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Will Valentine’s Day Was The Best My Hubby Got Me 3 Card That Where All Great!! Thing with a Bunch of pic he had been saving from the internet for month’s lol!!! And a teddy bear a big One!!!! I love him sooooooooo much!!!! Sooo Feb. 14th 2010 was the best day ever beside the day we got married!!!! Now Here Some Pics New And Old!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

At Nikki's

Well I am At Nikki’s Doing Laundry Cuz some dum ass Had to go and steal the top to our dryer!!! I mean why the hell would you want the top of a dry I mean I know that we paid to dry our laundry but Are the Quarters real worth it!!! And on top of that the landlord will not be able till 3weeks from know!!!! But other than that life has been good and my new job is working out good and I am loving I am hope to be there for a long time will that real all there is to till!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Life is Good!

So I got the job At Staples!!!!!!! I Started 6 days ago!!! The people there are really nice!!!! And I think I could see myself there for a long time I hope!!!! Ether than that life is good I Miss My Family!!!! But I got the most wonderful Hubby that I could ever ask for!!! And I Love him very much!!!!!!! Soo all in all everything is good!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Past Few Days

Will I got all the dishes done and the laundry done. Cleaned the kitchen floor and I am real enjoying the book I am reading! I am on the 2nd book in the House of Night Series called Betrayed By: P. C. Cast + Kristin Cast! The first one is real good and Book 2 started off great! Um on a nether note I had Dinner with Mike and Nikki about two nights ago and we went to Applebee’s let me say yummm but it was nice! I hope I get to get to gather with Nikki again soon. I like talking to her about a person that I am have trouble with. But I think I may be done with all of it giving me more grays than I had before I moved here. Will that all for know Cya!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New to All Of This

Well I am new to This!!! But we will see how it goes. My Name is Crystal And I married My High School Sweet Heart Who I Have Know for for 5 years going on 6. We got married on July 7th of 2009 and soon after that moved to Minot where the AF has sent My Hubby Michael. Before we moved I had a job with Target so I just changed stores. Which did not work out. But that ok. I am Still with out a job for know but looking. I have made friend since I have been here which have mad it sooo much better to be here! I have one friend though that I don’t know what is going on with. I told her yesterday that I want to talk about the stuff that as happened since I have left and came back from my trip home to see my family. I just don’t know have I am going to go about it but I am sure it going to work out. But other than that I have a friend Nikki who will be have a baby soon . I can’t wait cuz Nikki is like a sister to me and I am hoping to do a lot of babysitting for here! And there is also Jake and Maegan and there have a baby to. There great people we went over to there place on Christmas Eve It was nice to have people to spend it with being sooo far from home. But life as a Military Wife is not for every one! I never thought I would be one or that I was strong enough to be one but look at me know and it has been hard but my friend from home are right I am a strong person and moving out here with mike and it just being me and him has help me grow as a person. An not only as a person have I grown but Michael an Mine relationship has grown to and I have never felt closer to Him In My whole Life. I am Real Happy that we are together an I Love him to death!!!!! So Life in Minot Not To Bed Just Cold Right now!